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 Membership Types 

Honorary Member : A person eminent in the field of Aquaculture may, after duly nominated by the Council and the nomination ratified by general body meeting of the Association, become an Honorary Member of the Association till life.  
The number of Honorary Members cannot exceed five at any given time. 
Member : Any person associated with research, teaching, application, transfer and promotion of Aquaculture (and having a graduate degree) is eligible to apply for membership after paying requisite amount of admission and membership fees. Institutions are not eligible to become Members of the Association.  
The Council may waive requirements of the degree in special deserving cases. 
Life Member: Any person eligible to apply for membership may choose to apply for being a life Member after paying requisite amount of fee. If approved by the Council, he shall become a life Member of the Association. A Life Member shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as a Member throughout his life. 
Student Member : A student registered in a graduate/post graduate course at an educational institution affiliated to a university or enjoying status of a deemed university as approved by the University Grant Commission, can be enrolled as a Student Member on payment of requisite fee and admission fee. He should not be drawing any salary or emoluments other than a scholarship or fellowship. A student member will not have the right to vote or to hold elective office in the Association. He will however be eligible to participate in all activities of the Association. A student member can become a regular member by paying regular membership fee.